I. Simply. Live. Photography.

I am not your average photographer. I embrace my love of different photography genres and the cross-pollinization that results from it. I believe it is better to have someone who is not just a wedding photographer. My architectural or documentary work can influence my wedding work. My fine art projects and weddings can influence my portraiture. I'm not just a wedding photographer because I don't just take wedding photos, and I am more capable and creative as a result.  

My love of photography and capturing what I get to witness everyday is what motivates me. Whether I am in familiar surroundings at a banquet hall shooting a wedding or off the beaten path in a hillside village in Northern Vietnam, I want to connect with people with humour, joy, and a light attitude. I want to do this while capturing images that are poignant and timeless. I believe there is art and beauty everywhere and it is my job to find it. I pride myself in providing an exceptional product and service for my clients and am thrilled to be the #1 rated Toronto photographer on Yelp.

My work has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, websites, on television, and in galleries -- both local and abroad. Please view my LinkedIn profile or  Yelp for my resume, recommendations, and accomplishments. For a wedding price-list or a free consultation of your photography needs, you can reach me at any time by email at neil@neilta.ca

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