I. Simply. Live. Photography.


I am not your average photographer. I embrace my love of different photography genres and the cross-pollinization that results from it. The creativity, passion, and dedication I put into my Personal Projects influences the wedding, corporate, and portrait work I create for clients.

Whether I am in familiar surroundings at a banquet hall shooting a wedding, in an office creating portraits, or off the beaten path in rural Cambodia, I want to create both a memorable experience, as well as capture images that are poignant and timeless.

I pride myself in providing exceptional services for my clients and have earned the the #1 rated Toronto photographer on Yelp. My work has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, websites, on television, and in galleries -- both local and abroad.

For a wedding price-list or a free consultation of your organization's photography needs, you can reach me at any time by email at neil@neilta.ca. For corporate, small business, not-for-profit, and event work please visit Bridge Visual Content Creation.

Baby Smile-Maker.
Treat Hunter.

Bun Cha the Dog is the official pup of Neil Ta Photography. He is often the first to greet clients in studio and has been known to make special appearances in family photos. As a devoted Toronto Raptors fan, he was once recognized as the Member of the Game, a distinction he holds with pride.

See more of Bun Cha the Dog on his Instagram @bunchathedog.

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