My Philosophy on Education

I believe that photography is a lifelong process. I am personally committed to continuously learning from other proven photographers, updating my skills in all genres of photography. I am a no nonsense educator. Good photography is not that hard, but great photography is. I want my students to harness their passion and succeed; to be great. What makes my sessions unique is that I offer candid advice and guidance for technical proficiency that makes sense as a business. All of my one-on-one sessions and private workshops are backed by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.



Wedding photography is an extremely competitive industry. I've been able to leverage my diverse skills as a photographer to offer my wedding clients a unique and memorable wedding day experience. 

If you're a beginner looking at breaking into the field, I can provide both the business and technical mentorship you need to jump-start your career. I even offer comprehensive and seamless on site mentoring for weddings you have already booked.

If you're an experienced photographer who has plateaued, I can help you identify areas of opportunity that may have been overlooked.

The Fundamentals

Do you want to have the knowledge to take the best possible images in all lighting conditions with the gear you currently own? I have the solution if you're stuck in auto mode, want to take stunning cityscape photos at night, photograph your friends and family with more confidence, or transform your images using processing software like Lightroom.

I guarantee that I can help you propel your work to new heights. 

Portfolio Reviews

A poorly edited and sequenced portfolio or project can be extremely damaging. If you're having difficulty editing and sequencing your images for a project, your portfolio, or exhibition, I can assist you with this process. The end result will be more concise storytelling that will keep your audience engaged.


For information on workshops and one-on-one sessions, contact me by email at or 416.904.9887.



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