[2015] Meet the Jones started as a joke amongst friends, with us thinking that our stereotypical daily life could not possibly be the subject of a photography project. Of course we were totally at ease with Neil in our home as he is one of our dearest friends and particularly loved watching him interact with our children. 

As a traveller and guest he was adamant that this trip was all about hanging out and spending time together, no tourist attractions or planned activities, just us; his photo taking of our 'real life' went largely unnoticed. 

At first glance the images do seem just that, real. They are slightly confronting and I was challenged with the idea of showing pictures in which we're not smiling and looking like a polished and poised family unit. The subsequent glances and some words from Neil have opened my eyes and mind though. I look at these pictures and see absolute beauty in the mundane. My husband's weary brow, my son's nonchalance, my daughter's inquisitive eyes. The project is a true reflection of us, guards down but hearts full. 

-Della Jones

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