Ka’Wine and Dine x Neil Ta Photography

As many of you may know, I’ve been a massive fan of the Toronto Raptors as soon as it was announced we were getting a franchise. I’ve been through a lot as a fan (see this). It took 24 years for us to get a chip (with the dip!) but we finally did it. I’m incredibly proud of the entire team, its fans, and the country in general for never giving up in the face of adversity - after being down 1-0 to Orlando, 2-1 to Philadelphia, 2-0 to Milwaukee, and then having to face one of the greatest basketball dynasties of our generation in Golden State.

It truly takes a village to create a championship team, and although Kawhi Leonard is undoubtedly “the man” (also Fun Guy, Board Man) I found it a little unfair that he was garnering all the attention with the Ka’Wine and Dine campaign. I know Pascal Siakam joked about all the free stuff that Kawhi was being offered, so I’m here to change that.

A big part of my business is weddings. I’m pretty damned good at them and have been rated the top photographer in Toronto on Yelp. I know there are a lot of Raptors players who are single or in long term relationships, but not officially married. This is where I come in. I’m offering free wedding photography services to not just Kawhi Leonard, but all 2018-2019 Toronto Raptors players who played this season*.

So what if you’re not a Toronto Raptors player? Well, there is good news here too. Any fan that wants to book their wedding with me will receive a pair of 100 levels tickets to an upcoming Toronto Raptors regular season game as an appreciation to their dedication as a fan**. I look forward to meeting some new faces and hoping for a repeat in 2019-2020! #hestay

* Includes players that were traded during the season or released from the team. Free services excludes travel expenses.

** 10-hour wedding collection or more required for Raptors Ticket gift. Not all games will be available.

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